What Are the Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Precision Casting?

What Are the Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Precision Casting?

2022-07-23 14:58:03

Aluminum alloy precision casting In the process of electromagnetic pump low-pressure casting, the molten metal transmission system has a stable flow, which makes the flow control convenient, and effectively alleviates the problem of backflow of molten alumina during the process; in addition, the automation of the casting process is completed. also played a key role. The new casting process not only improves the casting quality of aluminum castings, but also improves the working environment.


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What are the advantages of aluminum alloy precision casting?


Reduce labor intensity, complete automation and modernization of casting production, aluminum smelting and composite purification equipment is an important part of the aluminum casting production process, in addition to gas injection and spin foam ceramic filters, also use more durable lining materials; combined with the thermal insulation heating system, to complete a lot of continuous production.


But in fact, for aluminum alloy casting, this is an unfavorable pouring method, because when the liquid flow falls from the sprue to its bottom, the flow rate is relatively high, causing the liquid flow to be scattered and splashed, which is unavoidable and easy to form. Various casting defects occur. Therefore, it is recommended to use differential pressure casting or low pressure casting technology for elevator gravity casting. As long as the control is properly controlled, the alloy liquid can be filled smoothly and slowly, ensuring the smooth completion of aluminum alloy casting and obtaining high-quality castings.


In addition, there is also a pouring process for smooth filling of aluminum alloy castings that is worth noting, that is, tilting pouring that transfers the liquid flow horizontally. It is to place the mold and the ladle in a tiltable equipment, align the gate of the mold with the outflow port of the ladle, and then tilt the equipment slowly to make the alloy liquid smoothly transfer from the ladle to the ladle. in mold.


In the process of aluminum alloy precision casting, the aluminum alloy will absorb a lot of hydrogen during the melting and pouring process, and it will continue to deposit due to the decrease in solubility during cooling. According to some data, the solubility of more hydrogen dissolved in the aluminum alloy is added as the temperature of the alloy liquid increases and decreases as the temperature decreases. When changing from a liquid to a solid state, the solubility of hydrogen in the aluminum alloy decreases by a factor of 19.


Therefore, during the cooling and solidification process of the aluminum alloy liquid, at a certain time, the hydrogen content exceeds its solubility, that is, it is separated in the form of bubbles. The hydrogen bubbles formed by supersaturated hydrogen deposition will form fine and scattered pores during the solidification process, which is what we generally call pores. The degree of supersaturation reached before the formation of hydrogen bubbles is a function of the number of hydrogen bubbles nucleated, while oxides and other inclusions play the role of nucleation.


How to improve the quality of precision casting?


After several times of dipping and solidification, it is basically formed; dewaxing, the model is placed in hot water, the wax will melt and float on the water surface, leaving the mold shell; the temperature of falling sand in precision casting mainly affects the quality of cast steel castings It is reflected in four aspects: crack, deformation, residual stress and phase transformation. When the falling sand temperature is too high, cracks are likely to occur in precision casting.


It is meaningless to study the falling sand temperature after the crack occurs in the precision casting. The avoidance of the precision casting crack can be accomplished by the precision casting structure and the optimization of the casting process planning; the higher the falling sand temperature, the greater the deformation of the precision casting. Moreover, it is difficult to predict the size and direction of the deformation of precision casting. It is related to the structure of precision casting, the restraint of the sand mold, and the planning of the casting process.




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